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"Whatcha Bench?" w/Don Cardenas

"Whatcha Bench?" w/Don Cardenas

Word Bros Episode 170 featuring "Evie and the Helsings" artists and co-creator Don Cardenas

Can we still say “Happy New Year” if it’s the end of January? Let’s hope so!

Happy New Year.

We are back with our first episode of 2023 and it was well worth the wait.

Don Cardenas is one of the good ones. Through his podcast, Comic-Coffee-Metal podcast, Don is doing the work providing a platform for creators. Don is a loving husband and father to his two wonderful children. He is also one helluva an artist.

Those skills are on display in his new book Evie and the Helsings, which is currently on Kickstarter. We chat all about how he is using Evie and the Helsings to blend his love of comics and metal, the challenges of being a creative and a stay at home father, and a whole lot more.

Introducing Podcats!

Part of the benefit of signing up for the newsletters is for access to sneak-peeks and exclusive content. Well, the Word Bros have teamed up with cartoonist extraordinary Lauren Sparks to create Podcats, a single panel comic depicting the podcast and its guests as talking cats. Lauren approached us with a comic she created after listening to our interview of Bob Fingerman. Needles to say, we loved the comic, so we asked her to do more. Now, its a regular feature of the newsletter. Here are a few designs from Lauren. Aren’t they just puuuurfect?

Keep your eyes on the newsletter for the cartoon adventures of your favorite podcast turned cats! We also have a few other newsletter exclusive comics in the works, so keep your eyes on this space.

That’s about all we have for this week. Next week, we talk to Rafer Roberts and Mike Norton abut their new project.

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The Word Bros: A comics interview podcast
The Word Bros
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